Girl using lemonade stand to fund brain surgery in recovery

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA (AP) — A seven-year-old girl who used a lemonade stand to help raise money for her own brain surgery underwent a successful operation on Monday, her mother said.

Liza Scott’s surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital was “uneventful”, and she was alert and talking in the recovery room afterward, mother Elizabeth Scott said in a Facebook post.

Doctors last month determined that a series of seizures Liza began having were caused by cerebral malformations that needed repair, her mother said. The girl volunteered to help raise money for expenses not covered by insurance with a lemonade stand set up in the family bakery in suburban Birmingham.

The stand brought in more than USD12,000 in a few days, nearly all through donations, and a separate fundraiser Elizabeth Scott organised online has received more than USD370,000.

“Liza is a superstar and probably the bravest little girl I know,” said her mother’s message on social media.