Gina Torres steps into the spotlight with ‘Suits’ spin-off

NEW YORK (AP) — Gina Torres (AP pic below) used to wonder about the back story of her Suits character, Jessica Pearson.

The character was the co-founder and boss of the law firm at the centre of the show, but that was about all that was known.

Torres wondered, “‘She doesn’t have family, she doesn’t have people. When are we gonna meet her people? What’s gonna happen? When are we gonna get to know more of the woman?'”

Torres’ questions are answered in the new spin-off, Pearson.

As the show begins, Pearson has been disbarred and can no longer practise law. She relocates from New York to Chicago where she’s hired as the unofficial fixer for the mayor, who is married, but involved with the city attorney.

Pearson is “not Suits 2.0. It’s not Suits Jr,” Torres said. It’s not a legal series or a procedural and is different in tone from Suits.

“I like to call it a legacy show because clearly I come from the world of Suits, but it’s a very, very different animal,” she said. “It’s not a different Jessica, it’s just more of Jessica in a place of evolving. She’s sort of questioning her choices, she’s looking forward to what she wants to do and there’s still more to accomplish.”