Giant hornet found in Yunnan might be world’s biggest

CHENGDU (Xinhua) – Scientists have discovered a hornet with a wingspan of 9.35cm in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, much larger than the previously known record of the species.

Curator of the Insect Museum of West China in Sichuan Province Zhao Li said they found the Vespa mandarinia in Pu’er, bordering Myanmar. They have not found the queen wasp, which they said is sure to be even larger.

The worker bee has a body length of six centimetres. Its beehive has an inside diameter of two metres. Zhao said they have collected over 100 specimens of the hornet and believe it is a new subspecies.

He said the hornet is one of the world’s most dangerous insects, as it has a stinger as long as 6.35 millimetres, which has poison to trigger severe reactions.

Photo taken on Tuesday shows that the hornets are larger than an egg. – XINHUA