Getting to know ASEAN

Izah Azahari

A ‘Get to know ASEAN’ roadshow was conducted yesterday for 240 students from Sayyidina Othman Secondary School eith the objective of educating the public on the regional association.

Orgoanised by the Information Department, Prime Minister’s Office, through the International Affairs Unit as the Secretariat for the ASEAN-COCI Sub-Committee on Information (SCI) the event was also attended by the school’s staff was also present.

The programme is an effort by the Information Department to instil patriotism and nature of unity (ASEAN-ness) among students in appreciating the functions of ASEAN, and strengthening the relationship between the Information Department and the community, especially students who will inherit the continuity of the nation and subsequently play an important role in catalysing the national direction.

Information Officer Mufidah binti Abdul Hakim in her capacity as Head of the International Affairs Unit, Information Department delivered the briefing, instilling awareness and a sense of belonging among students as part of the ASEAN community, in line with the ASEAN motto: One Vision, One Identity, One Community. The briefing also highlighted Brunei Darussalam as the chair of ASEAN for 2021.

A quiz was held following the briefing to test the students’ knowledge.

The ‘We ASEAN’ mobile application was also promoted at the exhibition, which contains information on ASEAN and its member states, the ASEAN calendar, quizzes, as well as photo and video galleries. The mobile app is one of the projects under the ASEAN-COCI SCI. It can be downloaded via Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

ABOVE & BELOW: Students at the roadshow; and Information Officer Mufidah binti Abdul Hakim delivers the briefing. PHOTOS: INFORMATION DEPARTMENT