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Generous spread at YELO sungkai buffet

“We are delighted to welcome guests back to break fast with us during the holy month of Ramadhan to enjoy our long-awaited buffet with specially curated local dishes you expect,” said The Brunei Hotel General Manager Andy Goh during the launch of sungkai buffet at the hotel’s YELO Café on Saturday night.

YELO Café is also currently offering a takeaway sungkai bento for two people, a promotion that will run until April 20.

A surau is also available on the first floor for diners who wish to perform prayers first while free parking is available daily for patrons at Wisma Jaya basement from 6pm.

Among the signature dishes featured daily in the buffet spread is roast lamb served with mushroom, mint garlic and black pepper sauce. Also on the menu is chilli crab, although its availability is subject to market supply.

Other main dishes change daily to allow for variety, while dates are served with every meal.

The menu consists of a wide selection of local favourites such as cucur sayur, chicken and beef satay, spring rolls and soup.

The main course also includes beef, chicken, fish, vegetables and rice, all made using locally inspired cooking styles to meet a range of taste buds, accompanied by an assortment of desserts.

Beverages served with the dishes include ice lemon tea, air bandung, teh tarik and coffee.

Meanwhile, every group booking of 10 people and above will receive a BND30 voucher which can be redeemed on the next visit.

Staff of Yelo Café of the Brunei Hotel in a group photo. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD
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