Gaming, a viable career path

I’m writing in response to a letter on ‘Ban all online games, save the future’, published on March 3 in the Opinion page of the Bulletin. While I acknowledge that the author made some valid arguments, I also believe that gaming has its own benefits.

Studies have shown that gaming is capable of unlocking unlimited potentials and soft skills of an individual, which can be incorporated into real life. Take sandbox game Minecraft for example. Players appear in a new world challenged to build a shelter, find food and craft tools to construct a universe they would like to live in.

In my opinion, gaming is a viable career path, as proven by local streamer Lysium, who has made a career out of playing video games by livestreaming the activity on Twitch. With an average of 5,000 to 10,000 viewers worldwide, he has singlehandedly paved the way for locals to consider gaming as a possible source of income.

The bottom line is that gaming is more than meet the eyes. With the weak job market at present, perhaps it is hasty to jump to conclusion about gaming as a time sink. Given the right conditions, it has the potential to hone skills that are necessary to navigate the new normal.

Twitch Streamer