Galloping fun for preschoolers

|     Ryan Aldwin Lee Reyes     |

ST GEORGE’S School (SGS) gave their little preschoolers an interesting and exciting field trip to BEQ Equestrian Centre at the Jerudong Polo Club on August 11.

The preschoolers gathered themselves up with the help of their teachers. Accompanied by their teachers, they journeyed to their destination. Upon arrival, the staff of BEQ Equestrian Centre briefed the teachers and students of the rules when approaching horses and a simple introduction of the activities that were about to be held. The students were hyped and curious about what they would do next.

The staff started giving the tour around the horse stables where all the adorable and amazing horses were kept. As these horses made the children even more excited, the staff taught them about the origins of each horse as well as its age and name. At each end of an introduction of a horse, the children experienced feeding the horses with carrots and patting the horses’ heads. At first, the children were timid to try feeding and patting the horses but as soon as one of them started trying out after much encouragement, they finally fed and patted the horses. It was a wonderful experience for these children, an exciting yet memorable time.

The fun did not end there yet. After the tour, they went for Pony Rides guided by the trainers. Before the rides, the professional trainers gave an exciting and wonderful horse jumping show to the children. This made the children more excited than ever. Their hearts were filled with joy and excitement. After the wonderful show, the children were given helmets to wear with the help of their teachers. The excitements filled their hearts as they got ready to ride the horses. There was no doubt that these children would enjoy the rides. The trip was a joyful one with plenty of hands-on activities that gave smiles to the children’s faces, and indeed it was a memorable trip for all the preschoolers.

ABOVE & BELOW: Preschoolers enjoying their time with horses at the Jerudong Polo Club