Gabrielle Union makes dreams come true

GABRIELLE Union loves “making dreams come true” as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

The 46-year-old actress has joined the panel of the talent show and, after experiencing rejection in the past, she’s enjoying getting the change to help others fulfil their ambitions.

She said, “I love being a part of making dreams come true. As an artiste who gets told no a lot, it’s nice to be a part of saying yes to someone’s dream.”

Fellow panel newcomer Julianne Hough – who used to be a judge on Dancing With the Stars believes she and Gabrielle have brought “empathy and compassion” to the show.

She told Entertainment Tonight, “One thing that Gabrielle and I bring is an empathy and a compassion, because we have been rejected many times, and we know what it feels like.

“So before [the contestants] even come out, they should know we’re rooting for you and we want to see your best.”

The two women have joined Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel on the panel in place of Mel B and Hedi Klum but they insist they are not there to “fill anybody’s shoes”.

Julianne said, “You can never take anybody’s spot. We’re not here to fill anybody’s shoes. We could never replace Heidi or Mel. I just feel so grateful that now we get to be here.”

While former Spice Girls singer Mel famously locked horns with Simon on several occasions, Gabrielle insisted she won’t be as combative.

She said, “I don’t generally disagree with most things he’s saying, except perhaps tone-wise. But I like straight shooters, and when you are on the other side of the table, when people say no it’s always helpful to know exactly what you can go home and work on.” – BANG!