Fused pineapple draws curious crowds

Izah Azahari

A pineapple plant recently bore seven to eight fruits at once fused together forming a giant fruit in a home garden of Kampong Kebia.

Homeowner Andery Lim said this is the first time this has ever occurred. He said his father Alian – who is over 60-years-old, planted the first pineapple plant and shares the same sentiment.

The pineapple is locally known as nanas puan which normally bears one pineapple.

According to Malaysian blogger Anim Hosnan, this occurrence within pineapple plants has earned it the name nanas kipas due to its  fan-like shape.

In most cases, the growth is a genetic modification or mutation allowing the plant to bear more than one pineapple at  a time.

However, Lim shared that theirs grew naturally and has attracted intrigue from family and friends.

In very rare circumstances, a pineapple plant will bear seven to eight fruits at once, fused together to form a giant fruit. The phenomenon has earned it the name ‘nanas kipas’ due to its fan-like shape. Photo shows one such nanas kipas at a home garden in Kampong Kebia. PHOTO: ANDERY LIM
The Nanas Kipas. PHOTO: ANDERY LIM