Fun, games at KG Sports Day

ST ANGELA’S Convent School held its annual Kindergarten Sports Day at the school’s assembly hall on May 4. There were 100 pupils from Kindergarten 1 to 3 who participated in this event.

The event began at 7.30am with the kindergarten pupils marching to the venue followed by the singing of Brunei national anthem and the school song.

Following were an opening remark given by Principal Chea Wann Ching and a brief warming-up session led by Year 5 students.

It was a morning full of fun and exciting games. The sports activities comprised of games such as ball relay, threading, bead race, rubber bands and balls, shooting the rings, finding and arranging numbers, collecting balls, catching the balls and the three obstacles race.

The joyful atmosphere filled the air with cheers from eager, nervous parents and guardians who encouraged their children to finish the race if not to secure top three positions.

“This programme is not just a sports event but also a time when pupils could develop a sense of competitiveness, a way to learn to respect others and to handle victory and defeat graciously,” stated the principal.

The Kindergarten Sports Day concluded with the presentation of awards to all the winners.

St Angela’s ‘little Olympians’ displaying their medals with Principal Chea Wann Ching