Fun for all at Chinese New Year festivities

Mothercare and Bebeland kicked off the Chinese New Year celebrations with fun activities and a tea party for its customers.

Kids came dressed in their best Chinese New Year costumes, created their favourite Chinese New Year food out of Play-Doh in the Play-Doh Creations competition to win a BND100 Play-Doh hamper and created rat-themed bookmarks in a G-Clay Modelling Tutorial conducted by Globalart.

The participants from the Chinese New Year photo contest, held from December 18, 2019 to January 7, came and struck a pose as they collected their prizes. To cap off the celebrations, all participants were treated to a tea party.

ABOVE & BELOW: Kids creating their favourite Chinese New Year food out of Play-Doh; and a group photo of the participants at the Chinese New Year Tea Party. PHOTOS: MOTHERCARE AND BEBELAND