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Frustrated over delay in wedding cert issuance

Since the second COVID-19 wave hit in August 2021, a great number of people had been impacted by the health measures set up to keep the transmission at bay.

It was especially true for couples getting ready to tie the knot. Most expected the health protocols for weddings to be similar to those in the first wave.

However, it was not the case.

It is possible that many soon-to-wed couples used the opportunity amid restrictive measures to hold smaller ceremonies, thus overwhelming the system with too many applications.

Nonetheless, we were left frustrated by the ever-changing procedures that were equally confusing.

Many questions were left unanswered; insufficient information was given; and the constant back-and-forth with the authorities in regards to documentation left us quite exhausted. More importantly, there were a lot of last-minute changes that added stress to an already stressful period, such as the wedding date.

After the wedding, we thought it was all behind us. We were told that the wedding certificate would be available for collection in two months. Instead, quite a few of us are still waiting for it.

We have tried contacting the authorities, but all we received was a new set of instructions, such as submitting original documents for processing. Our question is: What had happened to the photocopies of these documents?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc on our lives for two years. It is perfectly understandable that official procedures need to evolve with the ever-changing threat level of the coronavirus. However, it brings about difficulties in embarking on joint affairs that newlyweds typically venture into.

Frustrated Newlywed


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