Friday sermon: Drug abuse prevention starts with parents

|    Azlan Othman   |

YESTERDAY’S Friday sermon urged parents to monitor their children against the negative consequences of drug abuse, which also has detrimental effects on the society and the nation as a whole.

Delivering the sermon, Imams said, “Children are a trust and a test from Allah the Almighty that should be protected. Parents play an important role in shaping and educating children, so that they will keep away from unhealthy, immoral activities and delinquent behaviour, particularly drug abuse.

“Among the measures to prevent them from engaging or becoming involved in drug abuse include ensuring proper religious education since childhood, and encouraging them to carry out their religious duties such as praying five times a day, to strengthen family bonds.

“Parents must be good listeners and show how much they care by listening to their children’s problems, monitoring their activities whether at home or outdoors, and keeping a close eye on their friends to prevent them from becoming enmeshed in illegal activities such as drug abuse.

“Parents should also pray for their children’s wellbeing in this world and in the days of the hereafter.

“Society also plays a crucial role in overcoming drug abuse. Former addicts need support and motivation to stay away from substance dependence, while conserving their strength during the rehabilitation process. Society is also responsible for guiding these people to the correct path.

“Illegal drugs are among the great social ills which pose a great risk to the economy and the progress of a nation.”