French government holds special Brexit meeting

LONDON (AP) — France’s Prime Minister is a holding a special government meeting on how his country will cope with a possible “no-deal” Brexit.

The French Parliament adopted a law on Wednesday allowing emergency measures after March 30 in the event Britain leaves without a deal.

Such measures could aim to reduce problems in cross-border trade and transport, notably through the Eurotunnel beneath the English Channel, and allow British workers and retirees based in France temporary permission to stay until a longer-term deal is worked out.

Britain’s Parliament rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal with the European Union on Tuesday night. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn immediately called for a no-confidence vote, but May’s government survived it on Wednesday night.

European Union countries also debated yesterday on how to move forward now that the UK Parliament has rejected May’s Brexit deal with the bloc and with the March 29 exit date looming.

May invited opposition leaders for talks about how to secure another Brexit deal and avoid leaving the EU without a deal. But Corbyn has declined unless May takes the “no-deal” possibility off the table.

French government’s spokesperson Benjamin Griveaux, left, and French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. – AP