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Free concert, other celebrations in Jordan ahead of kingdom’s first major royal wedding in years

AMMAN, JORDAN (AP) – Several thousand cheering and flag-waving Jordanians packed a sports stadium for a free concert in the capital of Amman as part of celebrations leading up the kingdom’s first major royal wedding in years.

Crown Prince Hussein, 28, is to marry Saudi architect Rajwa Alseif, 29, tomorrow at Zahran Palace in downtown Amman, the same wedding venue previously chosen by the prince’s father, King Abdullah II, and his grandfather, the late King Hussein.

Designed to convey a sense of continuity, tomorrow’s ceremony is expected to include some of the same features as previous royal weddings, including a motorcade of red Land Rover jeeps escorting the couple through the streets of Amman after the ceremony. Palace officials have been tight-lipped about other elements of the wedding including the complete guest list and details about the bride’s dress.

United States’ First Lady Jill Biden and several royals from around the world have confirmed attendance, among them the king and queen of the Netherlands.

Celebrations kicked off last week with a henna party for Alseif, hosted by Jordan’s Queen Rania.

Men wearing the traditional Jordanian red and white checkered scarf and T-shirts with pictures depicting Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein. PHOTO: AP
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