Free Chinese medical therapy to return for 3rd time

James Kon

Following encouraging response from the public seeking free consultation on traditional Chinese medicine treatment recently, CMED Enterprise will host another free medical consultation tomorrow.

CMED Enterprise under traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Yang Jung Ming continues to build up a good reputation among locals. The public seeking treatment may visit first floor of Block F, Medan Tanjung Bunut, near Hua Ho Shopping Centre in Kampong Tanjung Bunut.

Yang said, “I want to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle with the professional skills and knowledge of traditional Chinese medication that I have learned. That has been my belief for nearly 25 years, since entering the field.”

Through the free therapy sessions, he also hopes to help those with financial difficulties in seeking treatment.

“CMED Enterprise (Bao Sheng Zhong Yi) will arrange free therapy sessions and medical services. The clinic has already organised two free therapy sessions and medical services in January and February. The third event will be held on March 21,” he said.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Yang Jung Ming attending to a client. PHOTO: JAMES KON

Yang added, “Although Chinese and Western medical practices are based on different philosophies, treatment principles and methods, I believe that both are definitely not opposing each other; instead, they should complement each other, because they have the same mission, which is to treat patients and cure illnesses.”

On CMED Chinese Medicine Clinic, he said, “Our aim is not only on the treatment of patients’ symptoms but also to establish preventive health measures and enhancing one’s health”.

People with general aches and pains, spinal correction, sports injuries, gynaecological illnesses, allergies, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic diseases, stroke rehabilitation and internal body conditioning “are welcome to seek treatment with us”.

“In addition to traditional Chinese medical diagnostics of inspection, listening, inquiring, and pulse diagnosis, we will also assess whether the patient’s physical condition is caused by the body’s pain due to the disorder of muscles and bones – or qi – and blood.

“Following the diagnosis, therapy methods such as acupuncture, blood cupping, and bone alignment are used to treat the ailment, and according to the patient’s condition, medication may be prescribed for body conditioning,” he said.