Four Vietnamese fined for illegal fishing in Brunei waters

|     Fadley Faisal     |

THE Magistrate’s Court yesterday ordered four Vietnamese men to settle fines after they pleaded guilty to illegal fishing in Brunei waters.

Vessel master Nguyen Dung, 44, was fined BND10,000 or 10 months’ jail in default of payment. Crew men Tran Thanh, 55, Tran Quang Ha, 51, and Vo Cu, 47, were each fined BND1,000 or ordered to face a month’s jail in default of payment. DPP Nurjauinah binti Haji Kula’s facts of the case stated that the defendants were found on a Vietnam-registered vessel within Brunei waters at 5.20am on September 27, 2018 and the Royal Navy KDB Darulaman team boarded the vessel to conduct an inspection. The team found a small boat/floater tied to the vessel, which carried fishing equipment and fresh catch. The team also found GPS and radio communication devices on board the vessel.

Magistrate Dewi Norlelawati binti Haji Abdul Hamid presided over the case.