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Four terrorists sentenced to death over killing of policemen

CAIRO (XINHUA) – An Egyptian court on Thursday sentenced four terrorists to death over killing of policemen, the state-run Akhbar newspaper reported.

Another 26 terrorists got varied verdicts, from a life sentence which is 25 years in Egypt, to seven years in prison, over charges of joining terrorist groups, killing and attempted murder of several policemen, possession of weapons, and sabotaging state properties.
The case dates back to 2014 when

30 terrorists from a cell were arrested with documents and maps in their possession for destroying police cars and planting bombs near security checkpoints.

Egypt witnessed a wave of anti-security attacks that caused the death and injury of hundreds of policemen and soldiers after the army removed former president Mohamed Morsi from power in 2013.

A Sinai-based extremist group has claimed responsibility for most of the attacks in Egypt over the past few years.


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