Four-day camp ends on high note

Daniel Lim

The Belait District Youth Association (PEMBELA) organised a four-day, three-night stay in a Belait rural area as part of its fifth Competitive Youth Camp, PEMBELA Retreat Camp (PRC) 2020 recently.

The camping trip saw over 30 youth from across the Belait District trekking deep into the rural space to learn more about the area and to aid people in need.

PEMBELA Youth Bureau Head Nurul Raihah Fithtriyaani Syukriah @ Natasyah binti Abdul Rahim led the youth.

The camp sharpened participants’ life skills, and allowed them to experience life through the eyes of rural villagers, disconnect from the modern world and overcome challenges.

Punan Longhouse Mohd Azri bin Abdul Rahim Paran, his wife and residents welcomed the PEMBELA committee members and the youth upon arrival. The group was treated to traditional ethnic dances by Ibans and Punans, and observed a handicraft showcase.

For the ‘Project: Lit Up!’, the youth were split into groups and given 24 hours to select a storybook, outline the plot and re-enact on stage.

Participants are all smiles at the longhouse. PHOTOS: PEMBELA
Youth at the amateur radio workshop

Later, they delivered basic necessities to 13 families as part of Mahabbah Ihsan project.

The next day, the group attended an amateur radio workshop led by the Brunei Darussalam Amateur Radio Association (BDARA), where they learnt about the radio equipment used to communicate in remote areas.

A ‘Nocturnal Walk’ afforded participants the experience of serene quiet and pitch darkness, devoid of technological interference.

The ‘Wall The Road’ campaign on the third day saw the group working with the community to fill potholes along the stretch between the school dormitories and Datu Maharaja Setia Dian Primary School in Sukang. The stone gravel were provided by companies in the Belait District.

The group continued with the Mahabbah Ihsan project to deliver and install solar lights and solar panels to a home. They also delivered basic necessities to a flood affected family residing at Kampong Kuala Rawai, with the help of the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) and Kampong Sukang Police Station.

PEMBELA President Atikah Rumaizah binti Dr Haji Harun handed over the donations.

On the final day, certificates of participation were awarded to participants, community members and village residents involved in the trip.

Atikah Rumaizah said the feedback was positive, with participants expressing joy at being able to learn about the traditional culture and heritage.