Former inmates attend session for guidance, job opportunities

|     James Kon     |

A FOLLOW-UP meeting was held at Sumbangsih Mulia last Saturday, for the participants of the former inmates (Rakan Seliaan) programme.

The meeting was attended by the committee members of Aftercare (PROTEM) Brunei Darussalam, with the cooperation of Reintegration Division of the Prisons Department and a strategic partner of Sumbangsih Mulia.

The event was intended as a means of assisting former inmates to cope with the challenges that they face upon their release from prison.

The former inmates were also interviewed by committee members, in order for them to secure job opportunities suited to their skills and particular interests.

Also present during the meeting were Haji Mustapa bin Haji Masri, the committee chairman; Hajah Juhana binti Md Jaya, the deputy chairperson; and Haji Mahli bin Haji Hassan, the secretary.

Former inmates being interviewed during the session. – PRISONS DEPARTMENT