Former hostelites to build home for convert

Azlan Othman

A Muslim convert at Kuala Ungar, Mukim Rambai, Tutong District will soon have a new home. The house will be built by the WhatsApp group of former hostelites of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien College.

The WhatsApp group which has over 200 members has been active in welfare projects since 2015, three years after its formation.

Part of the house will be used as a place to help converts in the village and surrounding areas to further their knowledge in Islam.

A group of Ustaz and Ustazah from Al-Minhaaj Centre will hold their weekly classes there.

Finance for the project was from donations. Members, the hostelites’ relatives, friends and Al-Minhaaj Centre members contributed to the project.

Ex-SOAS College hostelites in a group photo during the Doa Selamat to lay the foundation stones of the house