Foreigners questioned, detained over documentation

Fadley Faisal

The Immigration and National Registration Department’s Enforcement Unit detained nine foreigners in an operation yesterday for not being able to produce proper documentation.

The department inspected four locations and detained two foreign workers in Kampong Batu Ampar for failing to produce valid documents during an inspection at their quarters.

A foreign woman was also later detained from a house behind a flat in Jalan Kianggeh for failing to provide proof of legal stay.

Three more foreigners were also detained for failing to produce valid documents after another house inspection in Jalan Kianggeh.

Meanwhile, three more foreigners failed to produce valid documents when officers inspected rental quarters at Jalan Batu Bersurat. Officers brought detainees back to their headquarters for questioning.

Meanwhile, officers from the Labour Department Enforcement Unit found a foreign worker without proper documentation in a recent operation on a construction site in Kampong Mumong A.

In a statement the Labour Department said that after questioning workers on site, officers had found a foreign skilled worker working on an electrical cable while being sponsored by a different company. The sponsor was unable to produce official proof of hiring the worker. The labour department reminded the offending employers that they could be liable to BND600 for the first offence and BND900 for subsequent offences.

The department also urged employers to abide by the Employment Order and ensure that workers have contracts, are paid on time and have proper quarters.

Labour Department Enforcement Unit officers inspect a worksite in Kampong Mumong. PHOTO: LABOUR DEPARTMENT