Foreigners nabbed in immigration raid

Azlan Othman

The Immigration and National Registration Department (INRD) apprehended a foreigner for failing to show valid documents while two other men were arrested for misusing their social passes during a raid codenamed Operasi (Op) Pumpung JIPK 155/2020 in Kampong Madang yesterday.

They were taken in for further investigation under the Immigration Act and Regulations, Chapter 17.

Action will be taken against foreigners found guilty, deported to their country and blacklisted, the Enforcement Section of INRD stated.

Immigration operations and inspections are carried out based on public tip-offs and cooperation guided with details, individually or jointly with other enforcements agencies and serve to enforce the Immigration Act and Regulations, Passports Act and Regulations.

It is also carried out to enforce the Prevention of People Smuggling Order 2019 and Anti-Trafficking in Persons Order 2019 as well as to combat activities against the country’s rules and regulations.

The INRD added that the department will continue to carry out enforcement activities including monitoring, operations and inspections.

The public can inform the authorities regarding immigration violations on the INRD hotline at 8734888 or 8753888. Information will be kept confidential.

ABOVE & BELOW: Immigration and National Registration Department personnel during the raid. PHOTOS: INRD