Foreigner steals car with children inside

Rokiah Mahmud

Three children were found safe after being taken with a stolen vehicle at Sungai Liang, Belait District, on Tuesday.

Head of the Public Relations Unit at the Royal Brunei Police (RBPF) Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mohamad Amiruddin bin Haji Tunjang said the children’s parents left the car engine running when they went into a convenience store at about 11pm.

While they were inside, the 34-year-old suspect got into the car and sped away. Police located the stolen vehicle at the Brunei International Airport, with the children unharmed.

A foreign citizen has been arrested.

The RBPF said the incident is a reminder not to leave children unattended in vehicles, especially with the engine running.

“As a precaution, parents should switch off the car engine and bring their children with them.

“On no account should children be left without adult supervision,” said the RBPF in its statement.

The stolen car at the Brunei International Airport. PHOTO: RBPF