Foreign workers’ licence violation, other offences recorded in joint op

Azlan Othman

Employers abusing their positions for having their foreign workers, who were employed as private drivers and construction workers, perform car painting jobs was among the offences detected during a recent joint operation by enforcement officers from the Labour Department and Land Transport Department (JPD).

Other offences recorded included the placement of workers that did not adhere to the Foreign Worker Licence.

Nine enforcement officers were involved in Selongkar Operation at Jalan Lambak Kiri, Simpang 64. An unregistered vehicle workshop was also targetted.

If convicted, the Labour Department will fine the employer for engaging the workers in household service activities, which is a BND300 fine for the first offence and BND600 for the second offence.

The employer will also be fined BND600 for the first offence and BND900 for the second offence in accordance with the offences under Section 86 and Section 112 of the Employment Order 2009.

Enforcement officers inspecting the repair workshop. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN

Meanwhile, the JPD operation found a workshop carrying out vehicle body repair and paint works without a proper painting oven; instead the oven found was self-made.

The workshop was also found to be narrow, poorly organised and lacking storage for car equipment, scaffolding, wood and other items. Camp rental equipment was also stored in the area with workers not wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and abandoned cars stored in the workshop.

Additionally, the workshop was found to carry out vehicle work without following the rules of conducting business, not registered with the JPD as a workshop under the Workshop Recognition Scheme, not meeting the level of safety and hygiene, and not hiring qualified employees.

The JPD advised the workshop owners to obtain permission from relevant agencies, adding that workshop inspections were required.

The Labour Department will continue to monitor, inspect and operate on its own or with other agencies to jointly enforce the law according to their respective jurisdictions.

The department also reminded employers to monitor staff’s welfare in accordance with the requirements detailed in the Employment Order 2009, which includes the preparation of employment contracts, timely salary payments and providing a clean staff house.

Employers are also reminded against abusing the Foreign Worker Licence and violate the Act under the Employment Order 2009.

For information, members of the public can contact the Labour Department at 2381848 (during working hours) or 7298989 (outside working hours).