For the love of photography

Syazwani Hj Rosli

“I am my father’s daughter,” said Hajah Nurnadiah binti Haji Mohamed Ismail, a local wedding photographer.

Stemming from the influence of her father – an avid photographer – the 28-year-old said she loved taking photos since she was fairly young.

Starting as a hobby when she was in sixth form in 2009, she quickly fell in love with photography and her passion for it immediately bloomed.

As she continued her Bachelor of Arts in Hadith and Sciences of Hadith in Egypt from 2011 until 2015, Hajah Nurnadiah’s love for photography did not diminish.

She continued taking photos throughout her years in the foreign land for her personal collection.

A child blows bubbles in the capital. PHOTOS: HAJAH NURNADIAH BINTI HAJI MOHAMED ISMAIL
Hajah Nurnadiah binti Haji Mohamed Ismail engages with clients
One of Hajah Nurnadiah’s captured moments.

After graduating from Egypt, she desired to pursue her passion for photography professionally.

“I watched YouTube videos, read blogs and often went on Instagram. I also read photography books to develop my skills and enhance my techniques. This helped my self-confidence as a professional photographer,” she said.

A friend’s request to capture moments of her engagement ceremony turned out to be a stepping stone for Hajah Nurnadiah and best friend, Siti Aishah Mu’izzah binti Mahani.

With a shared interest, the pair set foot into the art world, changing their passion into a career. Determined to turn their photography into business, Hajah Nurnadiah and Siti Aishah Mu’izzah established Hubb Photography, utilising social media to showcase their portfolio to potential clients and build their business online. They specialise in wedding photography and have also expanded their projects to include engagement ceremonies, birthday parties and family portrait.

In managing the business, Hajah Nurnadiah said the quality of her work is essential as she believes that it solidifies her business as a professional.

“By showing quality, over time you will gain followers who love your work while making a name for yourself in the business.

“Beautiful final images are extremely important for me. I am satisfied when I know I have met/ exceeded their expectation. For physical printed images, when they come out perfect, to me, they preserve the moments of my clients’ memories that will never be forgotten and will last a lifetime,” she said.

Asked to identify her best moment as a photographer, Hajah Nurnadiah said she could not find any specific moment.

“Every time I serve a client, I feel like I am part of the family on that day… those are the best moments for me. And the fact that the photographs we take will be treasured for as long as they love, is enough to inspire me to give nothing less than my best. Every single client means so much to us,” she added.

She said, one of the challenges is keeping her business running and overcoming self-doubt and standing out from other photographers as the market is saturated.

“Patience is a virtue and don’t give up on your dreams,” Hajah Nurnadiah said.

She advised budding entrepreneurs to, “Continue learning to enhance your knowledge in the business and be humble in accepting all criticism.”

Alhamdulillah, I would like to express my infinite gratitude to Allah the Almighty for the abundance of sustenance of health, skills and talents gifted to me. It is also with His grace that brings the dearest people into my life, my family, friends and clients, who have given me continuous support and encouragement. Because of them, I am still here today,” she said.

“As a creative who values her craft, I try to avoid slashing prices and instead I try to communicate my brand’s value and how I can help my clients preserve their important moments. I get fewer clients with this approach. However, I can provide better quality service,” she added.