‘Food reinvented with a twist’ at IBTE SBC

Daniel Lim

Students from the School of Business at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education Sultan Bolkiah Campus (IBTE SBC) held a sale called ‘Food reinvented with a twist’ as part of their Enterprise and Innovation Module.

Eight stalls were set up on campus grounds, offering modernised classic fare such as Kuih Bahulu with Nutella filling, Banana Popiah and Kuih Jala served with cream.

The two-day event allowed the students to experiment creatively on how to attract customers.

An instructor of the module Joey Wong said, “We set a general idea for the students to brainstorm, and from there, they were in charge of modernising and innovating traditional or well-known dishes in Brunei.

“I hope the students will not look at this event as just another test they have to take, but to gain valuable knowledge and experience in managing a business.”

One of the booths set up by the students during the event. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM