Flexing Go! muscle at world meet

James Kon

Lim Zhen Yang of the Brunei Darussalam Go Association came in 22nd place at the CCTV World Amateur World Youth Go Championship after completing a month of competition online.

The competition, open to children group under 12, faced several challenges such as connectivity problems.

Meanwhile the Junior x Senior 13×13 Pairgo Competition was held on December 18 with eight pairs of participants.

The partnership of Selestyne Fong and Sham Neng Cong was crowned the Champion Pair. Wong Hui Xin and Victor Wong came in second place with Jarhowe Yeo and Cayenne Yeo in third.

Rank Promotion Test for players under the Brunei Darussalam Go Association saw 22 participants – eight in the junior division and 14 in the senior division – take part in the test on December 20.

In the junior division, which saw the participation of three players aged six, Janice How emerged as the champion followed by Jarhowe Yeo and Jarsen Yeo in second and third places.

In the senior division (open group), Sia Kao Xiang came in first place with Korean Embassy in Brunei Darussalam Counsellor Ko Sung Min in second place and Michael Chen in third.

For the senior division (5-kyu promotion group), Lim Zhen Yang was crowned the champion with Lim Feng Yang and Cayenne Yeo as runners-up.

Junior Division Rank Promotion Test participants. PHOTO: BRUNEI DARUSSALAM GO ASSOCIATION