Flagship branch opens, selection of new drinks on offer

Izah Azahari

LiHO Brunei opened its fourth outlet at Rimba Point during a soft opening yesterday, bringing in a selection of new drinks.

LiHO Brunei owner Jeffrey Chia explained that LiHO is a Singaporean bubble tea franchise by RTG Group introduced to the local market two years ago.

Chia said the fourth branch is its first flagship outlet and unlike the first three outlets, the flagship branch follows a container store concept.

“In terms of seating capacity, this is the biggest outlet as we can seat about 20 people,” Chia said. “We will also feature desserts on the menu in the future, such as cakes and niche market desserts to go with the drinks.”

LiHO Brunei has also introduced new drinks such as the CheezHO Blueberry Jing Syuan Slush, the Da Hong Pao series which comes in three different versions – Da Hong Pao Milk Tea, Da Hong Pao Milk Tea 3 Ho, consisting of three types of jellies, and the Da Hong Pao Brown Sugar Pearl, as well as the Sakura Ai Yu Lychee Rose.

“The Da Hong Pao is a brew that has a better fragrance and quality than black tea, which is part of the oolong tea family,” Chia said.

“In terms of coffee, we also have the Dalgona series and our regular LiHO variety.”

LiHO Brunei’s new branch at Rimba Point. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR