Fizz Fairuz hospitalised after attempt to lose weight results in gastric pains

Callen James Marsh

THE STAR – While preparing for his upcoming film, Fizz Fairuz (pic below, The Star) wanted to lose a few kilos before shooting began. This resulted in the actor experiencing gastric problems.

His wife, Almy Nadia, confirmed that Fizz had been taken to a hospital on September 13 for treatment. The doctor had to place him on drips to relieved him from the pain. However, he was discharged the same day.

When speaking to mStar, The Star’s Malay-language portal, Almy shared that her husband had previously weighed 84 kilogramme and wanted to lose some weight before filming started. “The doctor said he had gastric problems because he hadn’t eaten properly for almost two weeks,” she explained. “He had a lot of acid in his stomach.”

Almy also added that the Munafik actor had already been experiencing some stomach problems for the past two weeks.

This had caused him to lose about six kilogrammes during that time. “Now Allah the Almighty has granted him his intention to lose weight, but at the cost of illness.”

Fizz had announced back in June that his wife was pregnant with their fourth child. The couple have been married since 2014 and have three young daughters.