Five men killed in car crash at Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

SINGAPORE (CNA) – Five men, aged 26 to 29, were pronounced dead at the scene of a car accident at 37 Tanjong Pagar Road, early yesterday morning.

Police were alerted to the accident at 5.41am.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the driver “was believed to have sped along the said location” before crashing into a shophouse and the car caught fire, the police said in a statement.

A 26-year-old woman, who is believed to have known the driver, tried to help him and his four passengers after the accident.

“She suffered severe burns to her body and was conscious when conveyed to Singapore General Hospital,” the police said.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said it was alerted to a fire “(involving) a car and a shophouse” and put out the flames using three water jets and a compressed air foam backpack.

At about 7.30am, the Land Transport Authority announced road closure on Tanjong Pagar Road (towards Murray Street) after Maxwell Road.

SBS Transit also said that bus services 80 and 145 were being diverted from Tanjong Pagar Road (towards Hoe Chiang Road), with 10 bus stops skipped, “due to an accident”.

Investigations are ongoing.