Five foreigners fined for irresponsible garbage disposal

James Kon

Five foreigners were slapped with compound fines by personnel of the Law Enforcement Unit of Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department for violation of the Minor Offences Act Section 12(1) Chapter 30 for disposing rubbish in public places of Malabau, Serusop during a routine operation.

Eleas Howlader, Md Golzar Hossin and Md Asaduzzan Sayakat from Bangladesh and Martin Rudymar Jumaani and Katim Isa Akinuddin from the Philippines were ordered to pay BND100 each within seven days.

In case of failure to settle the fine, the matter will be referred to court, where a further BND1,000 fine will be levied for a first-time offence.

For subsequent offences, the penalty is a fine of BND3,000 and a prison term of not more than three months.

Members of the public are advised to be wary of their surrounding’s cleanliness and to dispose waste or items at the proper disposal area available.