Fishball, cuttlefish, mushroom products tested non-Halal

Azlan Othman

The genetic material of swine was found in three imported seafood and vegetable ball products, following tests conducted by the Scientific Services Department of the Ministry of Health (MoH).

The tests confirmed that cuttlefish balls, fish balls and mushroom balls manufactured by Li-Chuan Golden Summit in Woodlands Terrace, Singapore, contain swine DNA.

The discovery was made after the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), through its Syariah Affairs Department, conducted a random inspection of several imported fish and vegetable ball products sold in supermarkets and shops.

The department also sent samples of other Li Chuan Golden Summit products to the Scientific Services Department for analysis, along with other brand products.

To safeguard the welfare of the Muslim community in the country, the Syariah Affairs Department instructed supermarkets and shops to promptly remove the products from public storage and place them in the ‘Non–Halal’ section.

However, in accordance with Syarak law, where dubious items fall under Syubhah (ambiguity), other products from the Li-Chuan Golden Summit brand were ordered to be isolated, pending the results of scientific analysis.

Instructions were also issued to Halal Certificate and Halal Permit holders to immediately stop using Li Chuan Golden Summit products in their food menus or ingredients.

The Syariah Affairs Department, through the Halal Food Control Division, is conducting Islamic ritual purification at the premises which used the Li Chuan Golden Summit products. Accordingly, Muslim consumers are required to steer clear of the products.