First stage of BPP 2021 census to conclude on Feb 21

James Kon

The first stage of Brunei Darussalam Population and Housing Census (BPP) 2021 on Houselisting is underway and scheduled to conclude on February 21.

The census, conducted by the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (JPES), Ministry of Finance and Economy began on January 20.

According to JPES, all housing units throughout the country will be listed to ensure full coverage of the census in the first stage.

During the houselisting stage, the census officers visit all living quarters to collect information including the name, identity card numbers, date of birth and telephone number of the head and other household member. Census officers will also affix a sticker to each living quarter.

BPP 2021 covers all persons – citizens, permanent residents or temporary residents – according to their usual place of residence, who have stayed or intend to stay as usual members of the household for six months or more in 2021.

Census officers during the interview with members of a household. PHOTO: JPES

JPES expressed appreciation to the public for their cooperation during the census.

Any households that have not been visited by census officers can contact JPES to have their information recorded. Household head or members are advised to ensure that the visiting census officers are legitimately appointed, by checking their census passes, letter of appointment, and identity cards.

Households with pets such as dogs are also requested to ensure their dogs are put on leash or caged during the census officers’ visit.

BPP 2021 is conducted under the Census Act, Chapter 78 of the Laws of Brunei.

The Census Act makes it obligatory for the public to answer all the questions and guarantees the confidentiality of information given. Failure to cooperate or provide the required information by the census is an offence. If found guilty, penalty of a fine of BND2,500 and six months’ imprisonment may be imposed.

For enquiries, the public can contact 2230265 or 2230250 (during working hours) and 8382021 (Brunei-Muara District), 8382022 (Brunei-Muara), 8382023 (Belait District), 8382024 (Tutong District) and 8382025 (Temburong District) and Darussalam hotline at 123 or email to [email protected]

Information on BPP 2021 can also be found on the BPP 2021 portal at