First rhino horn NFT sold at auction in South Africa

CAPE TOWN (AFP) – A digital replica of a rhino horn sold at an auction in South Africa late on Thursday, as conservationists tapped into the craze for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to raise money to protect real rhinos.

Cape Town businessman Charl Jacobs paid ZAR105,000 (USD6,850) for the digital horn, which he said he plans to place into a trust for his children.

“If worst-case scenario, if rhinos go into complete disarray then I would still own a rhino horn, because the NFT is a token of the physical rhino horn,” he told AFP.

Proceeds from the sale go to the private Black Rock Rhino conservancy, home to 200 rhinos that are able to breed while protected from poachers.

File photo shows a baby rhino with its mother at the Ramat Gan Safari Park. PHOTO: XINHUA