First gathering marked with meaning

Lyna Mohamad

Former employees of HSBC gathered for a reunion recently while also holding a Tahlil ceremony and a donation to a mosque and Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training, Education and Resoucrces (SMARTER) Brunei.

HSBC, which exited the country three years ago, had a large presence, operated in the country for 70 years. A spokesperson for the reunion, said a WhatsApp group comprising former employees had now over a hundred members.

The reunion was planned after a few conversations in the group chat. It was also decided, the first gathering should be marked with a religious ceremony in remembrance of their late colleagues.

The event was held at the banquet hall of Wafa Hotel and Apartment in Annajat Complex, Beribi.

The event saw the handover of donation to a member, who will distribute them to the Kampong Batu Apoi Mosque and SMARTER Brunei.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Former HSBC employees gather during a reunion at Annajat Complex in Beribi. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD