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Firefighters rescue two dogs from frigid river

UPI – Firefighters in Montana came to the rescue of two dogs that plunged into the frigid waters of the Missouri River amid subzero temperatures.

Great Falls Fire Rescue said crews responded to the river, just below Broadwater Bay, after a witness reported seeing the two canines fall through the ice into the water while chasing geese.

Firefighters fished the two canines out of the water, and determined they were not injured, but were having trouble moving their legs due to exposure to the cold water.

“It was really cold out, so the water is just dripping off of them, turning into icicles,” Great Falls Emergency Services EMT Emily Boor told KRTV. “We asked the Animal Control gal if her kennels were heated, and she said they’re not, and we said, we have a heated ambulance and blankets, so we put them right up.”

The dogs were warmed up and taken to the City of Great Falls Animal Shelter. It was unclear whether the canines have owners or if they were strays.

The Great Falls Police Department said the “feels like” temperature at the time of the rescue was -24 degrees.

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