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Firefighters rescue cat stuck in tree

James Kon

A cat stranded on top of a tree was rescued by firefighters on Monday after a distress call was received at 11.42am.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), four firefigthers from Sungai Kebun Fire Station led by ABK 235 Md Mahari bin Haji Sidup responded to the call at Kampong Lumapas, Jalan Junjongan.

Firefighters found the cat stuck at the top of a teak tree. A ‘double extension’ 10.5 metre-long ladder was used to reach the cat.

The FRD urged the public to keep their pets inside the house to avoid such incident from happening as well as to to keep their home and premises clean.

Doors and windows should be closed when not at home to prevent stray dogs, snakes, crocodiles and monkeys from entering.

The public was also warned against approaching or provoking wild animals.

The cat that got stuck on top of the tree. PHOTO: FRD