Fire and Rescue Department holds drill at school

|     Izah Azahari     |

THE Public Relations Division in the ‘F’ Operation Branch of the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) organised a fire drill for 140 teachers, staff and students at the Mulaut Religious School recently.

Activities during the drill were a burning building training where the fire occurred in a room on the first floor of the building, as well as an evacuation training carried out throughout the area of the building with nine FRD personnel dispatched from two fire engines from the Jerudong Fire Station led by Acting Deputy Officer Haji Mohamad bin Ibrahim.

The objectives of the fire drill were to ensure the readiness of the personnel in extinguishing fire and rescuing operations; to test the skill, coordination and practical training that is critical in any operation; to enhance the awareness of the students, teachers and staff of the school; to foster a sense of responsibility and care for aspects of fire safety in schools; as an activity on behalf of the school to validate the effectiveness of the building evacuation procedure that is effective and systematic; and to enable interaction, cooperation and strengthening the relationships between the FRD and schools.

The FRD advises the public to always improve alertness and take safety measures during uncertain weather; to ensure electrical wiring installation and connections are made by qualified and competent people or are certified and approved by the Department of Electrical Services; and to recommend advices on fire prevention, to not panic in an emergency and to contact the Fire and Rescue 995 hotline with accurate information.

ABOVE & BELOW: Fire and rescue personnel during the fire drill. – PHOTOS: FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT