Fire Dept issues safety advisory

|    James Kon    |

THE Fire and Rescue Department is reminding the public to be extra cautious while driving and to avoid swimming and water-related or beach activities due to the bad weather the country is currently experiencing.

The nation has been hit by frequent torrential rain accompanied by strong winds for the past month, causing treacherous road conditions and rough seas.

The department says that the storms increase the risk of floods and flash floods, landslides, and trees uprooting.

It has urged parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts to ensure their safety, adding that teachers too can play a role in relaying messages of safety to their students.

Members of the public are also advised to avoid venturing outdoors, especially flood-prone areas.

The Fire and Rescue Department is always on a 24-hour standby and carries out precautionary steps from time to time to prevent untoward incidents, especially at highlands, lowlands and other high-risk areas.

The following (provided by the department) is a list of areas prone to floods:

Brunei-Muara District: A section of the Ong Sum Ping area, parts of Kampong Belimbing, parts of Kampong Madewa/Bunut road, part of Jalan Beribi, Kampong Menglait near the bridge and Menglait Secondary School, flyover heading to the government department complex at Old Airport, areas near Lambak Kiri filling station, Jalan Pandam Kampong Lumapas, Jalan Kecil Pawas Kampong Lumapas and Jalan Kampong Junjungan, areas from Ban 1 to Ban 5, Jalan Paya Merah Sengkurong, Jalan Agau Kampong Parit, Kampong Batong, and Kampong Kulapis.

Tutong District: Jalan Penapar at Kampong Penapar, Jalan Lubok Pulau at Kampong Lubok Pulau, Jalan Tanjong Maya at Kampong Tanjong Maya, Jalan Keriam at Kampong Keriam, Jalan Sinaut at Kampong Sinaut, Kampong Sengkarai, Jalan Keranching at Kampong Benutan, Jalan Benutan at Kampong Benutan, Jalan Kuala Ungar at Kampong Rambai, Jalan Bangkuru at Kampong Benutan, Jalan Layong at Kampong Layong, and Jalan Batang Mitus at Kampong Batang Mitus.

Belait District: Plaza Seria entrance area, Jalan Sultan Omar Ali, Jalan Tengah Lorong 6 to Lorong 7, Jalan Tengah to Panaga Primary School in Seria, Lorong 3 of Selatan Seria, the entrance of Jalan Setia Pahlawan, Jalan Setia Diraja, Jalan Tengah Pandan 1, Jalan Singa Menteri, Jalan Tengah Sungai Pandan, Jalan Kerma Negara, Jalan Puteri Brunei, Simpang 1366 Merangking Hilir, Jalan Laid Lakang, Kampong Sukang, Jalan Kandul, Pengkalan Sungai Mau, Kampong Sungai Lalit, Kampong Sungai Bakong, Kampong Sungai Tali, and the road to Bukit Puan Police Station.

Temburong District: Kampong Senukoh, Kampong Batu Apoi to Kampong Selilit, Kampong Sungai Radang, Kampong Lemaling and part of the road to Kampong Selapon, part of Kampong Sungai, part of Tanit, part of Pekan Bangar, Kampong Ujong Jalan and part of Kampong Puni, Kampong Buda-Buda, Kampong Belais, Kampong Paya Begangan, Kampong Bokok, Kampong Meniup, Kampong Bekarut, and Kampong Selangan.

The public are advised to download the basic emergency and public safety guide mobile app by the National Disaster Management Centre. In the case of emergencies, the Fire and Rescue Department should be contacted at 995.