Fines imposed, vehicles seized in joint op

Azlan Othman & Lyna Mohamad

Thirteen compound fines were issued to 11 foreign drivers during an operation centred around Beribi on March 31.

A number of vehicles found not roadworthy were also seized during the operation involving Land Transport Department (JPD) and Royal Brunei Police Force personnel.

The vehicles had bald tyres, floor and interior damages, non-functioning rear lights, faded paint and faulty seat belts and licensc plates. Some vehicles were used to transport ice and furniture without a valid permit.

JPD Director Haji Rozaly bin Haji Saidon said operations are conducted regularly.

“Driving with bald tyres can pose a danger as the driver may not be able to pull an emergency brake when needed, while carrying goods without a permit can pose a risk to other motorists,” he told the Weekend Bulletin in an interview.

Haji Rozaly said their driving licences should be endorsed and they should be re-tested before issuing a licence. He said some foreign drivers are not aware of the country’s regulations, adding that the detained vehicles will not be sold as they are damaged and not road worthy.

Meanwhile, four tragic accidents were reported recently. A local senior citizen died in a road accident at Simut Bridge of Jalan Padnunok in Tutong District, while a 31-year-old local man was killed in a car crash after hitting a tree along the Lumut-Seria Bypass.

In another incident, a late-night car crash in Belait District which left one person dead and two injured. The accident was reported at Jalan Tunggulian, Sungai Liang. In another incident, a local pedestrian died after he was allegedly knocked down by a vehicle at Mentiri National Housing Scheme on Thursday.

Enforcement officers questioning a driver. PHOTO: ALZAN OTHMAN