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Fines for fishing within oilfield safety zone

Fadley Faisal

Three local fishermen were ordered by the Magistrate’s Court to settle fines for violating the Merchant Shipping Order last Wednesday.

Senior Magistrate Azrimah Abdul Rahman ordered vessel master Haji Awang Besar bin Haji Abdul Hamid, 69, to settle a BND5,000 fine or risk serving five months’ jail in default of payment.

Crew members Mohamad Azmee bin Haji Awang Besar, 48, and Mohammad Aezzyamizwan bin Awang Mohamad Hasham, 27, were each ordered to settle a BND4,000 fine, or face four months’ jail in default of payment.

Prosecutor Khalillah Hussin revealed in court that a joint enforcement agencies’ maritime patrol spotted boats within the perimeters of the Safety Zone of Champion Shoal Oilfield at 11.15am on May 6, 2020.

As the patrol sped up towards them, the boats dispersed to evade the authorities.

The patrol managed to stop the trio and boarded their boat, finding fishing gear and coolboxes containing fresh catch onboard.

The patrol issued an order to the trio and escorted the boat to the Marine Police headquarters.