Fines, community service for those littering Brunei River, Sungai Kianggeh

I READ in the Borneo Bulletin on October 24 regarding household waste choking the Brunei River and Sungai Kianggeh in the capital.

According to the report, despite measures and initiatives taken by various government and non-governmental agencies to keep the rivers clean, floating rubbish on the waters of Kampong Ayer is a continuing issue.

The report also stated that efforts to clean up the river have seen some success but the response from people living along the riverbanks have been lukewarm.

It is disheartening to hear that despite all the efforts to clean the river, people are still dumping waste in the Brunei River.

In my opinion, the authorities can help solve the problem by creating awareness. It is common sense not to dump rubbish in the river, however, we can still educate people not to litter through roadshows or start at schools.

Authorities should be more stricter and impose fines, similar to how Singapore has cut down on littering.

Authorities can fine those responsible and let them do community service by cleaning rubbish in the area.

Hopefully, with awareness and education as well as the threat of being fined, people will start to change their mindset of dumping waste in the river and in the future we can see our ‘Venice of the East’ becoming a beautiful tourist hotspot.

– Don’t Litter, Clean the River