Fine not hefty enough for violators?

I was rather surprised to learn that it had been a few weeks into Operasi Pulih and people were still continuing to go out during the night, as reported by the Bulletin yesterday. In the news item, ‘18 Operasi Pulih violators caught, all locals’, 10 individuals were caught defying the out-of-house restrictions. The hefty fine did not seem to discourage them in any way. It made me wonder if the fine needed to be increased again to drive the message home.

While it’s true that we are getting closer to attain the goal of having 80 per cent of the population fully vaccinated, it is still important that we abide by the health guidelines set by the authorities.

There are countries that have gone in and out of lockdowns for the past 18 months with very little break in between, whereas we got to enjoy over a year of relative normalcy following the first wave.

Countless experts have warn-ed of the detrimental effects of extreme pandemic measures on mental health. People, who have gone through multiple lockdowns in their countries, can attest to the damage such a restrictive measure can do to the state of mind.

With the country getting ever so close to the finish line, I hope the populace would work together to support the authorities in reaching our goal. After all, livelihoods and businesses are at stake here, and so is our collective mental health.

Avid Reader