Financial difficulty when salary is not paid on time

I AM writing to highlight my friend’s issue with the Finance Department of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA).

My friend is involved with teaching and learning at the ministry and every government payday, he is broke.

I was saddened to hear from him that he receives his salary as late as the first week of the month or even later.

I was told that he receives his salary by a cash cheque through the ministry’s Finance Department and that he is paid once a month as opposed to other government workers who are paid bi-monthly.

He said he has to call them every time before he collects the cheque to see if his salary is ready.

If it is not, he has to wait and this is a recurring issue every month.

I have also heard that other people also encounter the same problem.

I wonder what the Finance Department is doing.

It is not logical to treat my friend this way and delaying his salary payment.

He has been in service for many years and I understand he is already in the Treasury Accounting and Financial Information Systems (TAFIS).

I also understand that he is working based on the daily-paid system, but I have other friends in other ministries who are working on the same system and their salaries are given on the same day as those on the monthly-paid system.

With the yearly end-of-year bonus coming soon, I can expect the same situation as previous years where he will be paid in the new year instead.

I hope the authority can look into this and help him and others facing this situation.

They have families to feed and need the money to fulfil their needs.

For those who think it is just a minor matter, please put yourself in their shoes first.

– Observer