Fewer takers for decorative plants this year

IPOH (THE STAR) – With Chinese New Year arriving in less than a week, sales of auspicious potted lime trees have yet to pick up.

Other decorative plants are being sold, albeit slowly.

Several nurseries reported more sluggish sales compared to the same period last year.

The sale of decorative plants like lucky bamboo, Solanum mammosum (terung susu kambing), chrysanthemums, Phalaenopsis orchids, willows and Sansevieria (snake plant) is reported to be moderate.

At KF Tan’s nursery, trading manager Emma Tan, 28, said due to the movement control order, she only ordered about 300 potted lime trees.

“In previous years, we used to order between 600 and 800 pots. With difficult times now, many people are very careful with their money and they are not purchasing unnecessary items for the festive period.

KF Tan looks at the potted lime trees at his premises. PHOTO: THE STAR

“As no celebrations are allowed, people are not decorating their homes as grandly as they used to, and those who took good care of their lime trees are not buying new ones, ” she said.

However, decorative plants such as the bright yellow Solanum mammosum, which is usually available during the Chinese New Year period, are popular.

“The sale of those is much better compared to lime trees, ” she said.

TKK Garden Manager Tan Zhi Zhing, 24, said she ordered only 90 potted lime trees this year.

She said the sale of the plant was slow because people were doing away with items deemed not a necessity.

“With restricted travel, probably there would not be family gatherings, so there was no need to decorate the house.

“But the sale of several plants like the lucky bamboo, willow and Sansevieria, as well as decorative pineapples that are priced reasonably, is all right, ” she said.