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FedEx China president eyes sustaining China with connectivity

BEIJING (XINHUA) – Eddy Chan has always felt lucky to have an “exciting career” which highlights both speed and stability – express delivery.

“Even more lucky, I am honoured to participate in and witness the burgeoning express delivery industry in China,” said FedEx senior vice president and FedEx China president Eddy Chan.

“FedEx is committed to continuously strengthening networks in China and connecting China more closely with the global market through efficient, reliable and abundant transportation capacity,” said Chan at an exclusive interview with Xinhua prior to the Lunar New Year, a peak season for the express industry.

Born in Hong Kong and boasting an abundant global experience, Chan has been living and working in China’s financial hub Shanghai for more than two decades. Here, he has been impressed by the importance of “connectivity.”

“China is one of the key engines of the global economy. Especially in the pandemic period, the country shows the world the resilience of its economy, and manifests its key roles in sustaining global supply chain and industrial chain,” said Chan.

Amid challenges from the global pandemic and economic uncertainty, Chan witnesses how the country effectively prevents and controls COVID-19, and ensures a smooth and stable operation of its supply chain.

Civil aviation and related authorities have joined efforts in encouraging and supporting carriers to add air cargo capacity, which is crucial to ensure global delivery of medical supplies and other goods for production and living.

A FedEx cargo plane sits idle at Richmond International Airport in Sandston, Virginia. PHOTO: AP

“China plays an important role in FedEx’s global strategy. We will keep increasing investment in China, sustaining the connectivity between China and the world,” he said.

Chan said that FedEx will expand its infrastructure and logistics network and improve productivity via technological innovation by generating talents and resources from China and the world.

Greeting a sigh of relief from Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chan and his team are embracing a new round of logistic peaks during the 2022 Lunar New Year.

“We are lucky to share opportunities from China’s growth. Now, comes the chance for us to send Chinese products to the world, and deliver global products to the massive Chinese market,” said Chan.

Since last June, FedEx has added six new intercontinental routes departing from the Asia Pacific region. Among them, five depart from the Chinese mainland.

By now, FedEx operates more than 300 international cargo flights per week to and from the Chinese mainland.

The global express giant also has its Asia Pacific Hub at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the FedEx Shanghai International Express and Cargo Hub in Shanghai, and its gateway operations in diverse major cities across China.

“We connect our customers with our global network and provide them with fast and reliable international and domestic express service,” Chan said.

He disclosed that FedEx will further expand capacity and increase connectivity between the Chinese and the global market. It will also expand the network in China to more second- and third-tier cities, making faster logistics services reach more people.

Chan admits that it is challenging for the express industry players to balance safety and efficiency during the pandemic. However, as a fan of history, he firmly believes that people can “generate wisdom and see the future from history.”

“From the history of China’s progress, I do believe the firm determination and persistent efforts can help reach long-term goals,” said Chan.

“FedEx commits to the long-term development in China and shares China’s visionary low-carbon growth strategy,” he said adding that the company is willing to explore ways of green transformation together with Chinese partners and customers.

As one of the leaders of the global express delivery industry, FedEx has announced an ambitious goal to achieve carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040. To reach the goal, it invests big in major fields, such as vehicle electrification, natural carbon capture, sustainable fuels and sustainable solutions.

In the Chinese market, the company has put into use around 200 electric vehicles to deliver parcels, among which those serving in downtown Beijing are all pure electric cars. Moreover, electric bicycles and tricycles for parcel pickup and delivery are now in use in Beijing and Shanghai.

Developed by the China team, a FedEx online declaration tool has been put into operation globally. The digital platform enables customers to realize paperless express delivery.

The “green transformation” is a popular but expensive trend. To Chan, the innovative things are also challenging but rewarding.

“If we dare to take time and efforts to move more in-depth, we could never find the breakthrough, and then could never become professionals and keep ahead. That might be part of the secrets of industry leaders,” he smiled.

To him, alongside China’s growth, it is certain for some leading Chinese express delivery enterprises to gain their advantages and become global players.

“The global industry leaders are responsible for cultivating a fair and justice environment for competition and cooperation, and then gain progress from the healthy competition. That is the visionary way for a win-win future,” Chan said.

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