Father jailed for raping teenage daughter twice, molesting her since she was 13

SINGAPORE (CNA) – A man with a strained relationship with his wife turned his sexual urges on his underage daughter, first molesting her when she was 13 and eventually raping her twice.

The crimes were exposed after a teacher asked the victim, now 16, why she wanted to run away from home.

The 50-year-old father, who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the victim, was sentenced to 24 years’ jail yesterday.

The court heard that the man was a 48-year-old technician at the time of the offences and lived with his 39-year-old wife and two children in a flat.

All the family members are China nationals with Singapore permanent residency.

The man had had a strained relationship with his wife for many years and the two of them adopted separate sleeping arrangements, said Deputy Public Prosecutors April Phang, Andrew Low and Jamie Pang.

He began harbouring intentions on his daughter as an outlet for his sexual urges, first touching her inappropriately in early 2018 when she was 13.

The sexual abuse continued for months between early 2018 to May 2018, with the man kissing the victim on her lips, sticking his tongue in her mouth, molesting her and making her perform sexual acts on him.

The offences came to light in October 2018 when the victim’s co-form teacher spoke to her, after finding out that the victim wanted to run away from home.

After much probing, the victim told the teacher that her father had touched her inappropriately.

The police were alerted to the case and the man was subsequently arrested.