Fashionably organic

AP – Luscious green trees were installed inside the Valentino venue, scraping the ceiling and wafted in fresh air. Pierpaolo Piccioli, this time, celebrated the organic in his fashion show. In its literal sense, through floral and bird-shaped embroideries, and figuratively, with ethnic fringes, crystals, gold baubles and sections that seemed to grow out of dresses and headpieces.

It made for a highly original show.

Collar bands that were constructed with beautiful black feathers mixed with long, Renaissance-looking ‘intarsia’ capes. There was even a loose, pink sequined gown that looked ready for the disco.

It was a diverse show that brimmed with ideas, but one that was sometimes hard to pin down as a whole. Piccioli included a disclaimer in the programme notes, “Trying to explain it all… would be betraying the deepest meaning of the journey.”