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‘Farm to table’ movement taking root

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) through the Community for Brunei (CFB) yesterday launched the ‘Farm to Table’ social media campaign that will feature local vendors specialising in farm produce on the CFB website.

The initiative is part of BIBD’s Sustainable Nation Campaign and is aligned with the BIBD SME360 series of programmes with CFB – a whole-of-nation campaign aimed at encouraging small but impactful actions to fight the climate changes crisis and move towards a circular economy specifically for small businesses and the public.

The ‘farm to table’ movement is a social movement that has been growing for years, which promotes the practice of sourcing of ingredients from local farms – picked at its peak freshness, and seasonal, fresh and produced organically. This also helps boost the local economy and supports local farmers.

“This campaign is part of BIBD group’s multi-pronged strategy and concerted efforts towards reinforcing our commitment to help Brunei Darussalam address the national and global agenda of sustainability and the creation of our very own circular economy – driven by one of the three pillars of BIBD Sustainability Framework – Responsible Entrepreneurship,” said BIBD Chief Marketing Officer Hajah Nurul Akmar binti Haji Md Jaafar.

“We want our local farmers and the community to take this opportunity to be part of our Sustainable Nation Campaign and further their sustainable agenda, while also supporting one another and strengthening the local economy,” she added.

The social media campaign is also an open invitation to like-minded vendors to promote and sell their fresh produce on the CFB marketplace. Among some of the local farmer vendors to be featured on the website include PLUG Backyard Farm, a Tutong-based venture aiming to educate the community in raising awareness about preserving the natural environment, and creating an ecotourism through sustainable environment initiatives and to provide farness and equal opportunities to all community members.


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